Ghost Hunt - Season 1 - Review: "Complete Collection"

How would you react to unexplained paranormal phenomena? For some, it is their livelihood. Mai Taniyama, had a typical school life until she accidentally fell into the employ of one such individual, Kazuya Shibuya. From the moment of their first encounter, something was different about their relationship. At least it seemed that way from Mai's perspective. Kazuya, otherwise known as "Naru" for his highly narcissistic nature, is always half cast in shadows and mystery. This is especially true with regard to his feelings toward others.

Ghost Hunt comes from the same named manga. The cast is fairly large, and not all the characters receive the same amount of development. The strength of the series does lie in its development of both the characters as well as their relationships. Beyond the two main characters, there is a Christian priest, Buddhist monk, Miko or Shinto priestess, a medium and Kazuya's personal assistant. They all come together under the direction of Kazuya, the head of the Shibuya Psychic Research for the investigation of paranormal activities.

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