So many gimmicks, not enough time.

They've succeeded in one thing: They have a lot of people talking. But not in a good way.

This could have been three different episodes. So many characters and plot-twists were introduced that didn't get to marinate long enough. Past Christmas/holiday episodes were done so much better, with real heart and with better pacing. This felt like one episode of a soap opera. "Surprise, I'm your long-lost daughter... AND I'M PREGNANT!" Duh-duh-DUH. Now I know why some people nickname this show Greys of our Lives.

By the way, the conversation between characters was dismal compared to the writing of the past. Ex: "You're Izzie's bitch. "YOU are a bitch!" Such witty repartee! Earlier seasons could sit entire scenes just on the banter between characters and their interactions. Now, it's like a firing squad of one-liners so they can get back to their many plot twists. With an episode stuffed with so much, how does it feel so empty?


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