Uraboku - Season 1 - Episode 19 - Review: "Cry of Despair"

While appealing from a visual perspective with Luka's battle in the previous episode, Uraboku shifts back to simpler things for this episode as Takashiro begins drawing people to the Primary Residence now that Yuki has returned there. Bringing those that remained at the Twilight Mansion here now signifies that we are definitely getting closer to the final arc of the series since everyone needs to be near each other. With Takashiro having imparted a lot of information to Yuki now and with a bit more of Luka's past revealed in the previous episode as his fight got underway, the reality of everything is much clearer, though not exactly all that more interesting now.

A good chunk of this episode is devoted towards Kuroto, as we see his younger days when he was more formally brought into the clan and what it all involved. His training had him going up roughly against others on the same path, but with what to him felt like a more peaceful world that didn't align with his reality. Everything that he did is towards the goal of defeating the red haired man, but the kind of drive and motivation that he has is not like everyone else's and you can see that grinding on him in a very regular way. If not for the friendship of one young man named Senshiro that he didn't seek, but kept coming back to him, he'd probably have turned out much darker and violent than he already is. Seeing him slowly accept parts of this more laid back and peaceful lifestyle while still maintaining his overall drive is definitely a welcome series of events that makes him a more sympathetic character.

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