Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Review: "Stiff, swift and staggering!"

The research and development department has come up with a new unit for the Witches to fly in and there's a whole lot of competition for getting into it. Shirley in particular really wants to give it a run, though she doesn't set herself up well for it by hanging around in the hanger wearing practically nothing and almost falling out of what little she has on as she jiggles. There's a sequence of pitch perfect fanservice here that really shines and shows off her assets. Unfortunately for those upset about this display, Shirley's not the only one going around in a minimal outfit because it's about a billion degrees in there.

The Jet Striker brings in a fun new piece of technology and the competitions between the girls to try it out and showcase the differences in the unit compared to their normal unit is nicely done, though not without a bit of humor at times. The Jet Striker definitely changes how things are done with the speeds at which they can now travel, though you have to expect there's a little extra magic involved that keeps the girls from being blinded by the force of the wind, never mind the bugs that would get all up in their faces. Because of the energies involved though, the unit proves to be a bit too much for the Witches to handle since it can drain them faster and while speed helps at times, getting drained too quickly won't help in an actual battle.

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