Initial D: The Movie DVD Review

The film opens with a fly over of the mountain pass of Akina in Japan that the manga also uses as its initial setting to introduce the viewers to where much of the action in the film takes place. As the film moves past the opening the scene shifts to Ryousuke of the Red Suns talking with Nakazato of the Night Kids. They agree on a challenge that they will race after Ryousuke and Nakazato have challenged all the other downhill racers in the area. Ryousuke will start in the North of Gumma and Nakazato in the South and they compete to see who can rack up the most wins before they race each other again. A scene shift brings us to early morning when a white and black AE 86 can be seen tearing through the mountain pass with its tofu moving slightly in the back and disinterested driver at the wheel. Takumi returns home to the tofu shop his father Bunta owns to find his father lying passed out with bottles surrounding him and he cleans up the mess and drags his father up the stairs. Later in the day Takumi escapes the house to go to school despite being on summer vacation and meets up with his friend Itsuki. Itsuki is sitting there with some of their other friends waxing philosophic on how a god is a human but who can do things no other human can do. He then proclaims he will show the school for throwing him out as he will become a god of racing. As Itsuki is going on Natsuki walks by and it is clear Takumi has a thing for her with how he acts though he doesn't see her get into a car shortly after passing them and being handed money by the driver. Takumi and Itsuki head to gas station which is owned by Itsuki's father where Takumi works and Itsuke tries to mooch off his father at.

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