Sacred Blacksmith - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Episode 12"

Because of the nature of the way the story has been told, it became apparent after just a few episodes that we would not have a really defining story told in these twelve episodes. Because of the potential scale of the story here and the way it could grow into a standard but well done fantasy storyline, Sacred Blacksmith opted to spend its time on the character angles with a nice dash of action and humor mixed in as well. Towards the end of the season, we started to see more clearly some of the larger story with the demon swords and what they're really used for, and why Luke is such a valuable person to quite a few nobles.

And his value is made all the clearer when they point out what it is that he gets away with because of Lisa and her origins, something which everyone is coming to accept in different ways. It's actually a fairly tender scene as Lisa and Luke talk things out and make it clear between them, until the action side shows up as Siegfried has his own machinations and intends to off them all so that his plans can move forward. And his plans are fairly grandiose and overt, at least in this kind of setting, since you see him toppling large parts of stoneworks in the city while bringing in some sizable help to deal with it all. While we've had snippets of various kinds of magic and creatures before, this is the kind of battle that really showcases that there's a larger world of it all out there.

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