Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 34 - Review: ''New Years"

It's New Year's eve and it's a busy time for the soba shop. Kou ends up helping them out because Akane can't do all the orders by herself. Next day, a bunch of people decide to go to Hatsumode. Junpei and Ichiyo are dating at this point. Momiji has a date too but when asked by Kou she's still scouting out potential dudes. Azuma decides to go to the batting centre knowing it's going to be closed. Of course the one person that's left behind and practicing batting? None other than Aoba. Kou, Akaishi and Nakanishi all go to Hatsumode as well. Senda decides to hang out with the crew but he's always a bit late. He ends up not seeing anyone and when he gets home, his mom tells him the guys were waiting in his room but since Senda never came home, they all went home. While at Hatsumode, Junpei gets his wallet stolen so Kou, Akaishi and Nakanishi chase the perp. They're about to catch him but Kou who was supposed to throw a baseball at him to stun him, decides to drop the ball, quite literally. The perp's about to attack him when Momji's date, Imai comes to the rescue. Apparently he does Aikido. There's a nice scene with Aoba and Azuma where he asks her if she is trying out for the female Japan representative team. He tells her that she should try to grasp her own Koushien but Aoba tells him there's only one. The episode ends with snow fall with Kou and Akane together, and Aoba and Azuma together.

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