Grey's Anatomy - Blame It On the Rain

A fish tank alerts us to the fact that we're in Dr. Amy's office, because fish are soothing to those having a psychiatrist appointment. My dentist when I was a child also had a fish tank, and I'm sure it was supposed to be soothing to all the little ones about to have teeth pulled or the like. But the problem was that they put in fish that turned out to be kind of vicious and would eat each other, so you'd see a few floating around and then a blob of fish remains. Happy drilling, little children! Mere VOs: "As surgeons, we're trained to fix what's broken." She's in a really good mood as she explains to Dr. Amy that she's in a hurry because there's a big meeting, but that she wanted to stop by and tell Dr. A that she's done with therapy. VO: "The breaking point is our starting line at work." It's for this reason that I'm happy not to work at a job where people's lives depend on me. Dr. Amy is pretty confused and assures Meredith that she's come a long way but that she's definitely not done. Mere, however, tells her shrink that she is happy now, and isn't that the point? Dr. Amy tells her it's not. While Mere thinks about this with a furrowed brow, her VO continues: "But in our lives, the breaking point is a sign of weakness." Dr. Amy begs Mere to stay for her session, but Mere makes excuses about the meeting, shakes the doctor's hand and thanks her for everything. Her VO concludes, "And we'll do everything we can to avoid it."

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