Initial D Stage 1 Part 1 Anime DVD Review

Initial D has finally returned to the market with FUNimation bringing out the first two stages after getting the long time fans the previously unreleased seasons. Initial D was brought out by TOKYOPOP quite a few years ago, not without a fair bit of controversy that no longer exists with this set, but they never made it past the second set. FUNimation's acquisition of the franchise had them giving us those seasons first and now going back to the first two, though with one huge change; it now has a proper un-tricked out dub. The new dub is pretty solid, as we've seen from the previous releases of the later seasons, so what we get here is pretty consistent overall.

Initial D is a series that captured me from the first episode as it introduces us to eighteen year old Takumi. Takumi's the son of Bunta Fujisawa who owns a tofu shop and has made his son drive the night time deliveries up and down Mount Akina every night. While pretty much illegal, especially since Takumi just formally got his license, it's been an experience that has slowly given Takumi a massive amount of skills that he's completely unaware of. The time spent on the mountain has him knowing every nook and cranny about it, but he's also been subtly trained by his father with different methods because he used to be a famous street racer himself in his youth, not that Takumi knows this.

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