Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Box Set 3 DVD Review

Just to get us all caught up, I will summarize what happened towards the end of the previous box set leading up to this point. Goku is stuck inside Freeza's ship, healing from his battle within Ginyu's body. Vegeta, Kuririn, Gohan and Piccolo have all had their turns fighting against Freeza in his various forms. Each have had varying degrees of success. Freeza finally says "screw it" and powered up to his final form. The sleek, silver and purple design we are all familiar with. He easily overpowers the entire group until Vegeta believes himself a worthy foe and steps up to the plate.

He was sadly mistaken.

Goku finally recovers and the main event of the entire Namek arc is underway. Goku and Freeza goat each other on, rumble for a bit, talk some smack, then rumble a bit more. If there is one thing that Freeza can do, its taunt his opponent. He is truly "S" Class when it comes to this aspect. Ryusei Nakao's flamboyant, confident and malicious delivery brings it all together making Freeza a character who can not only talk a good game, but back it up. In one of the many memorable moments of the arc, Freeza proclaims that he isn't even using 50% of his power (or 1% of his power in the English dub...quite a difference there) then proves it. However, Freeza has his fatal flaws: Hubris and just plain stupidity.

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