Hetalia: Axis Powers - Season 1 - Episode 36 - Review: "Episodes #33-36 "

Something that's been lost at times is the actual war itself but we get back to that a little bit as the numbers of soldiers involved gets mentioned while Germany and Italy are off at the African front. The pair are having a little quiet time after getting beaten back a fair bit during the day in the various battles and it's very frustrating for Germany having to deal with the eternally optimistic and spirited Italy. Germany's tough love still isn't having an effect on Italy since he's doing his best to try and get him to toughen up and not be a crybaby but he has to continue on with it because it's so important. Italy's not the best partner in this war in general and for someone like Germany it's made even worse because of how Italy acts all the time.

Germany does try to loosen up a bit though when he visits Italy and enjoys its beautiful days which are seemingly endlessly full of sun. He tries to act like an Italian while roaming the streets but it just makes him look decidedly scary and creepy which unnerves most everyone else out there. Food is the main bit of the day as we get a nice little side piece involving Japan as well, but it's fairly insignificant overall as he entertains. The real fun is in watching the Allies segment as you have America coming across England doing a bit of artwork kthat's the cause of trouble among the group. Sometimes little things can make friends feel really awkward around each other. American's grasp of the situation and the way he handles it is amusing, but it's all capped off with how China takes it to a whole other level.

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