Grey's Anatomy - Inappropriate

We start (of course) with Mere's voice-over, as she lazes around in bed: "We live out our lives on the surgical unit, seven days a week, fourteen hours a day." And the remaining hours are spent drinking or screwing. She continues, "We're together more than we're apart." Mere sleepily opens her eyes and screams. That's because Izzie is looming over her with a mug in her hand. It's very Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. With no preamble, Izzie launches into Mere: "George's room is bigger than mine." Mere pulls herself out of bed and promptly falls on her face. Is she already drunk? Izzie follows Mere out of her room and down the hall, continuing her pitch for a bigger room, noting that she has more clothes than George and thus deserves the larger room, or at least the room with the larger closet. They pass George, who is valiantly guarding the door to his room against a potential Izzie invasion. George makes his case to protect his large closet, pointing out that he was the first to move into the house. Izzie blows him off by telling him that since it's Meredith's house, it should be Meredith's decision. George runs after the girls.

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