Cobra the Animation: The Psychogun - Season 1 -Episode 4 -Review: "The Ghost of the Golden Paradise"

Cobra's certainly had the snot beat out of him at times over the course of this series and more often than not he seems to be falling off of things from heights or vehicles that cause him to go for a tumble. With the final episode, he gets put through the wringer even more as the Count has used a time weapon to slow down events around him so he can feel pain for what would seem like an eternity as the spike burrows through his chest. There's certainly some creativity to this and it's nice to see a villain take pride and passion in the way he inflicts pain on those that would ruin his plans. Sadly, the Count talks too much though and bits of critical information get out.

What's a little frustrating about this episode is that for a good chunk of it, it's pretty easy to forget what the overall motivation of the series. Namely, stopping the Pirate Guild from acquiring the information about how to birth galaxies, since they could theoretically birth one right in the Milky Way and blow it all up. So much time is spent on revenge, as Cobra wants to get his on Crystal Bowie for the death of his sisters, that the core storyline becomes a background subplot for the most part. The revenge storyline is decent, but with it being forced out by an overly talkative Count detracts from it a bit and that it comes at a key moment where Utopia can hear it and fall for Cobra all the more knowing what he's gone through. Cobra's motivations are at least plain and clear and you can appreciate that, but it would have been nice to tie in the main storyline a little earlier into the episode.

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