Ragnarok Complete Collection DVD Review

Ragnarok, a twenty-six episode series based on the original massive multiplayer online role playing game, is the spawn of evil. Yes, the MMORPG is evil and I have no problem saying that. When the game started to really attract attention years ago, it sucked away friends of mine that I've not really seen since. Ragnarok proved to be a gateway drug to other similar games and their lives have long been lost. As such, the game itself in my mind is pure evil which in turn makes the anime about the game world the spawn of evil.

Evil can be fun though, but unfortunately Ragnarok doesn't get near there. FUNimation's release has smartly packaged the first nine episodes together simply because if you watched this in a standard form and pricing format, you'd not feel like you were getting value for your money. Ragnarok really makes you realize that fantasy shows are very hard to do simply because nobody seems to get it right. While surely there have been some decent ones in the last ten or fifteen years, I continue to feel like the last best fantasy anime series I saw was Record of Lodoss War. That means, even if I'm predisposed to dislike Ragnarok, I'm hopeful to add a new entry to that genre that will make me cite it as a positive. I'd love to be able to reference something that's not as old as Lodoss.

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