Robotech: Prelude to The Shadow Chronicles Manga Review

Robotech is an interesting study in the import of Japanese entertainment. As most Robotech fans know, it was actually cobbled together from three completely unrelated anime series, yet the story somehow worked, rocketing to immense popularity at a time when anime was relatively unknown in the United States. However, because Robotech as we know it never existed in Japan, it fell to Harmony Gold to create its own episodes from scratch when demand for a continuation of the anime arose.

Fast forward a couple decades, and we have Robotech: the Shadow Chronicles. However, in between the TV series and the movie, we also had an abandoned anime project, a few novels, and a couple comic book series. As such, Shadow Chronicles also had that "cobbled together” feeling as the movie seemed intent on somehow incorporating characters from all three Robotech sagas plus the Sentinel stories whether or not it made a whole lot of sense for them to be together.

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