Grey's Anatomy - Young Doctors in Lust

Welcome to the Summer Edition of Grey's Anatomy, where the interns are hot and the surgery's hotter. Grab your scalpels and low self-esteem and let's begin, shall we?

We start with an all-too-familiar device: The Meredith "Ms. Moanypants" Grey Voice-over. In this, her very first VO, Meredith is talking about "The Game" and how you either have what it takes to play or you don't. As the opening shot blends from a pair of naked female legs to surgeons performing a surgery, one can only assume that "The Game" refers to surgery and not hot naked sex. Or maybe it refers to both. Maybe it's one of those tricky voice-overs that actually means two things at the same time. I hope not. Because that would mean I'd have to think more and if I have to think more, I have to drink more, and I only have enough vodka for one episode.

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