Summer Wars Anime Movie Review

Young Kenji Koiso was preparing for a somewhat dull summer of doing maintenance work for internet social networking service OZ, when he's unexpectedly recruited for a summer job by popular girl Natsuki. It's not until Kenji arrives at Natsuki's grandmother's estate that he finds out what the job actually is: The young math prodigy is to pretend to be Natsuki's boyfriend in front of her grandmother and extended family. It's a dream and nightmare come true, because while Kenji would secretly love to be Natsuki's boyfriend, Natsuki has lied told her family that Kenji comes from a prestigious background. Confused, smitten, and humiliated after the first family meal, Kenji lies awake in his bed. He's surprised when he receives a mysterious email on his cellphone containing a massive matrix of numbers, along with a request to crack the code. As we all do when confronted with difficult math problems late at night, Kenji decides to stay up until morning solving the puzzle, and replies with the answer. He comes to regret this, as Kenji soon learns that what he cracked was the firewall for OZ. A giant online service, combining social networking, gaming, shopping, and government services, the breach in security is causing problems on networks across the world. On top of all of this, the problems for Natsuki's family are just beginning.

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