Shiki - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: "Second Decay"

With Megumi, you couldn't be quite sure in the first episode whether she'd actually die by the end of it or not based on the way it was playing out. That she did almost felt like a surprise, but it was well done and decidedly chilling in the way it all came together and impacted others. This episode has her parents taking it as hard as you'd expect, but it's good to see that kind of raw emotion displayed as often we only see the actual funeral moments themselves where there's little emotions out of relatives.

With Megumi dead, we're short one cute girl in the roster and that means someone new gets introduced, this time it's Ritsuko, a young woman who is a nurse in town. She and Natsuno certainly aren't an item, but she's very comfortable around him and there's a certain teasing she does as he tries to rephrase everything he says about how he hates this village and the way everyone keeps such close watch and reports on each other. Ritsuko's an interesting character as she's the type that's very much a girl of the area as she wants to serve those who live there and has no grand desire to go elsewhere, especially since her profession is constantly looking for more help. She's a complete opposite in that way and other ways to Megumi.

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