Okamisan - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Ep 12"

Okamisan's final episode brings everything to a close in the way a show like this can in way that I wish more did, outside of what happened in the last two episodes. We got a two part serious storyline before this that felt rather out of place in the scheme of things as it took away from the light and fun feel of it all to give us something threatening. For its final episode, Okamisan goes for a bit lighter feel as there's a girl named Machiko who has her sights set on Ryoshi after an amusing panties-revealing encounter where she intends to use him to get ahead in life.

Machiko earns some respect from me in a classic sense as she continually refers to Ryoshi as Darling, something I haven't really heard done since such classics as Urusei Yatsura or Kimagure Orange Road. Machiko does her best to get close to him and she's pretty interested in what kind of money he has, though it's hard to see how anyone could view Ryoshi as having any money. Ryoshi's really uncertain about the whole thing but the club tries to get a helping hand in all of this to make things better for Machiko, but she's not playing straight with them as there's something more to her story than just this. Machiko's actually a fun character, especially after the last couple of episodes, as she's got a plan, is flirty and fun and seeing Ryoshi put into such a difficult position for someone like himself only adds to all of it. Even better is that Machiko really does seem to write her name on everything and that certainly draws the eye to certain places.

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