Okamisan - Season 1 - Episode 5 - Review: "Ep 5"

With the way Okamisan plays with folk tales and the like, it wasn't going to take it too long to get to that of Oni. My first introduction to Oni goes back to my early subtitled anime days when Urusei Yatsura came out and Rumiko Takahashi took the viewer through countless folklore tales with a wicked grin and a sense of bounciness and fun. Ever since then, Oni have been associated for me with the yellow and black striped outfits, but there are certainly other iterations as well. Okamisan delves into their incarnation of it rather well as the Otogi Bank is hired on to deal with growing delinquent problem in Onigashima High School.

Hired on by the busty and whip-carring Momo, the Otogi Bank crew gets drawn into what's planned to be an attack on the delinquents in order to figure out what their new student council president wants at the high school. It's an interesting little bit that's revealed here in an almost off-handed way where life at the Academy is described as a beautiful but controlled garden where soft stimuli keeps the students moving forward as a commodity to be "sold" out into the work force every year. Because of the stature of its graduates, there's a lot of importance to keeping them molded properly so that the school does well. It's an interesting contrast to when they go to the high school and basically go in fighting full on in a place that looks like it's going to fall apart and is littered with graffiti.

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