Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 17 - Review: "Legacy "

After the events of Dr. Minami where Joey came to an understanding with Hughes and the government, the peaceful days have seemingly returned again. As Psy says, you know it's peaceful when your biggest worry is that your older sister, Holly, has a huge crush on Heroman and it's making you uncomfortable. Peace doesn't last long for a superhero though and Professor Denton is keeping up on events in the country to see if there's anything unusual going on. And of course, there is, as a series of seemingly random acts of destruction at various key facilities across the country have been going on and he feels that they're all being done by the same person as it shows a pattern of travel.

Denton does get dramatic by indicating that these attacks may be a legacy of the Skrugg. And the destination of this mysterious person is definitely Center City, which has Joey and Psy working up a plan to try and figure out what's happening. Amusingly, Denton already has the clue since he's likely to be the end target of this attacker if it is a Skrugg legacy since he has a fair bit of scrap from their invasion in his possession. He wants it defended, but at the same time he's able to use that as a way to draw the mystery person towards them. He's not getting away without at least a couple of less than pleased expressions from the two boys though for having acquired this material and kept it, and keeping it on the quiet.

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