Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 7 - Review: "Ep 7"

Sometimes nothing cements the image of anime more than the seemingly continual stream of bath episodes that come along, or the beach scenes. Similar to how Ranma always ended up having water around him, when it comes to anime there's almost always a bath scene nearby. With Strike Witches, it's no exception and honestly I'm surprised it's taken this long to really get to it. In a time of war, having a functioning bath is obviously a must, but the Witches luck out as the maintenance crew has made them an open air bath that they'll be able to use soon, which leads to excited squeals of schoolgirls.

So after a normal morning of drills and what not, and dealing with the mess that Hartmann always seems to be a part of, Strike Witches hits the noon hour and everyone heads into the bath. Which has a great view with the ocean around it, though it's hard to see at times with all the fog and streaks of sunlight that blots out things. And what bath scene isn't complete withought slow motion dressing sequences afterwards. What makes it even more amusing is that the threat of this particular episode is a fly-sized Neuroi that's floating through the building and affecting the power. It ends up landing in one of the girls panties, which she doesn't notice until she pulls them up. And gets all awkwardly excited. Of course, it can't end there as the curious little Neuroi bug must investigate everyone as it slips into them even after they're wearing them. Clothes on, clothes off.

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