Naruto Shippuuden - Season 4 - Episode 169 - Review: "Assault On The Leaf Village"

Naruto's time spent inside himself where he learned more about the Fourth Hokage and his relation to him as well s delving into the why of the Nine-Tails being sealed inside him was one of those great revelatory episodes. Much gets answered that had been hinted at and touched on before while explaining other things that had never been given any serious explanation. While those who survived the onslaught on the village watched on, Naruto spent his time getting to know what he needed in order to take down Pain. The return to the outside world has him launching a full on attack on the Pain in front of him, but it also causes him to try and understand the pain that Nagato talked to him about.

All of this has him now wanting to stop everything that has happened from continuing on and he intends to find the real Pain, Nagato, and deal with it. It's something that he again believes he has to do alone and heads off to do that, but he does have to answer some questions from others who are a bit more senior in the village. It turns to an interesting debate on how to move forward from an act like this, whether the real destruction of Pain and everything he has will atone for what's been done to the village or whether words and some kind of other confrontation will be the way to go. Naruto's at odds with the others about this, but his past with some of them has them giving him some leeway, such as how Shikaku remembers times from the past when someone like Shikamaru made it clear that Naruto will change everything someday.

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