Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Stalkers"

After trying for quite awhile to express her feelings, Lina managed to do so and has now scored her first date with Joey. Amusingly, Joey looks like he's wearing his usual attire, complete with a couple of tears, while Lina actually gets out of her cheerleader uniform and manages to wear less - and tighter - clothing. Like any couple of good high school kids, they kick things off at the mall and then stroll off into town. Unfortunately for the pair, they're being followed out of concern by their friends and relatives. Not only are Psy and Professor Denton going all high tech in watching out for their friend, but Holly has suspected something and is out following them as well. She at least puts on a pair of sunglasses on top of her standout outfit.

The date is pretty cute as the two definitely get along well, even as tentative as Joey gets at times. They spend a good part of their day at the beach which is most assuredly difficult for Joey since Lina is clearly quite attractive and outgoing, and that has plenty of people watching her. After all that's happened, it's good to see the two of them having some fun and the show in general doing a bit of lighter material considering how serious it's been. Those that are following them adhere to traditional sitcom material formulas by getting involved once in awhile, being overly protective and then causing even more trouble by being seen. It's an unfortunate thing since it'd be far more interesting to see Lina and Joey going on a date without any of this following them.

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