Sketchbook full color's - Season 1 - Episode 4 - Review: "Sketch Competition Between Three People"

As the series continues on, I expect more episodes like this one where it focuses more on one of the girls that Sora knows and has them doing things together. Character and world exploration slice of life shows often work that model to good effect though it does bring in a fair bit of predictability as well. With a character like Sora, who views the world differently than most other people, having her 'team up' with someone else could be a bit more interesting. After watching how her brother handles her and wonders how she gets along with others in the last episode, we get to see more of it.

Luckily for Sora, some other art club members are just as quirky as she is. The art club is having its latest event which is an outdoor sketching get together. Unfortunately, the weather isn't cooperating all that much so there isn't an expectation that there will be an event. At least that's what a normal person would think and a normal teacher would get in touch with the kids and let them know it wasn't ideal weather for it. Sadly, Kasugano isn't the swiftest teacher in the boat and she has a few clueless kids. She figures she can just show up at the meeting point and cancel it since nobody will be there. Little did she, and her car of chicken paraphernalia, realize that there would be someone there and not just Sora.

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