Cobra the Animation: The Psychogun - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "The Starless City"

Four episode OVA series have been so rare overall in this decade that it feels unusual to get into the flow of one of them again after so long. The third episode in this revival series is a bit more of a transitional piece to set things up for the final episode as it's mostly dealing with the characters on the move. What works nicely is that we do get an expanded view of the Martian landscape which is quite amusing with the variety of life there and some of the designs for it. It definitely fits in with the space opera aspect rather than a real science fiction angle but half the fun of a show like Cobra is that you're not supposed to take it seriously in the first place. It's entertainment with style.

For the third episode, Cobra and Utopia are still mostly on the run from the Count and what he's got going on inside his Sandcastle with the drugs. That's not his primary mission at the moment though as he's under orders from the higher ups in the pirate guild to acquire the data from Utopia regarding the birth of galaxies. There'd be nothing more dangerous than for that crowd to have that so she's intent on keeping it from them, though she hasn't realize that the Count is really one of those people yet. Cobra's got it all figured out that after his excursion through the castle but it's really cinched when he comes across his old nemesis in Crystal Bowie sitting there drinking some fine alcohol.

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