Initial D Stage 3 Movie Review

Initial-D Third Stage picks up where Second Stage left off. Mogi and Takumi are still avoiding each other after he found out about her being involved in compensated dating. She hears Itsuki yell for Takumi and hides around a corner and overhears Takumi say how he has gotten used to driving his AE-86 with its new engine and Itsuki's jealousy. Takumi's growth is shown in that he now is looking to learn more about the mechanical side to racing whereas before he was content to be an instinctual driver and cared nothing for the machine side of things. The movie takes a moment to recap the change in Takumi from someone who had no interest in racing through his victories to the present moment where has come to realize he likes to race. At this point Ryosuke arrives to make Takumi an offer.

Ryosuke has a dream of putting together an all star team from the area and then going to other prefectures with the team and setting records no one else can touch before disbanding. Ryosuke offers to exchange his knowledge to help Takumi grow in exchange for Takumi's skills. Ryosuke tells him he doesn't have to have an answer right away which is fortuitous as Takumi doesn't have one. To help him come to a conclusion he feels he has to challenge Kyoichi Sudou of Team Emperor as their last meeting was a disaster for Takumi and his AE-86.Takumi shortly learns he wasn't the only one targeting Sudou as the son of an old rival of his father was aiming for the same. Kogashiwa Kai appears before Takumi to challenge him and both get some advice from their fathers-but which one will learn the most from that advice?

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