i just don't get it

I don't get it. Dark Angel, fantastic series, series 3 not commissioned - but true blood, is doing well! bad acting, cheesy scenes.the fact that it was ever commissioned is a shock to me.

Where are Monk, Burn Notice, Birds of Prey and Blood Ties all really fab, creative, well acted programs and they seem to have disappeared. Do people really watch these programs like True blood, and see them as good, or just leave the TV on and go about doing other things. Are we becoming so used to the lowering of standards that we can no longer recognise a good thing when we see it?

sorry just had to have a vent.



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Oct 26, 2008 5:39PM EDT

Ummmmmm.............. you shouldn't post negative thingson others shows walls. Its not very classy

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Oct 26, 2008 5:50PM EDT

lol well I am a HUGE fan of true blood, and the reason for its success, even though you may feel it pails in comparison to other shows, is because it is about vampires. This in it self draws a huge cult following. It is also based on a very popluar book series, plus its on HBO so it is completely uncensored. All these thing contribute to the shows success. :)!!!!!!!!!!

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Oct 26, 2008 5:56PM EDT

oh and there is no way that the acting in True Blood is worse then Dark Angel, there are a few very skilled actors in true blood (Stephen Moyer, plays Bill), Dark Angel had wayyyy more cheese for sure lol

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Oct 26, 2008 6:34PM EDT

every one is entitled to their own opinions but I really like True Blood, I think it's great because it's staying true to the books, I like the acting, I think the castings great and even though it's fantasy, it seems very realistic. Also Dark Angel was terrible, I thinnk they compromised acting talent for a pretty face.

Oct 26, 2008 8:25PM EDT

amledheart, so you get your question answered, people actually watch the whole episodes while doing NOTHING else... why do you say it's bat acting anyway? Got something against the accent?

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Oct 26, 2008 9:11PM EDT

I like true Blood because it's like travelling, I like the paradox between a very sunny show, whan you look at the darkness of usual vampire shows! Plus it's very colourful, the reigious stuff ramping everywhere, Sookie so innocent and simple, but very touching, and having something! Her horny brother and this charming vampire, the suspens and by the same time no less than 8 books to wait in between sndays when it's too hard to wait and I like how they inspired themselves and changed by the way a few major things! I like vampires who are real vampires, I cant wait for for all the fairy world which is bound to take place! I actually think that people who open up discussion on why they dont like true blood just want to talk about it, and are into it without knowing it!

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Oct 26, 2008 10:59PM EDT

is Dark Angel that show with Jessica Alba? If so, It was awful. She is possibly one of the worst actresses in hollywood. The show was awfull.

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Oct 26, 2008 11:17PM EDT

I completely agree with the comment above me... Dark Angel isnt even a comparison that show was horrible and im surprised it lasted as long as it did... True Blood is just catch, between the vampires, the weird story lines, the fact that its uncensored and a few other things the show always keeps you guessing and it keeps things interesting

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Oct 27, 2008 12:03AM EDT

Although I enjoyed Dark Angel, I'm gonna have to say the show was really cheesy. I believe their was one episode where I remember Jessica Alba saying something like "What are you a playa playa from the Himalayans." Yea so don't complain about True Blood even though it has vampires and other mythical creatures all the characters and situations feel authentic. It's better then most of the shows you named. BTW Birds of Prey was absolutely terrible it only lasted like 5 or 6 episodes and 4 of them were unwatchable.

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Oct 27, 2008 12:11AM EDT

yeah but Jessica Alba is sooooo Freakin HOT. The love guru sucked. But when ever jessica was on the screen, my eyes were glued to her ,,,,,. True Blood is a great show without all that sexual stimuli. True Blood stands alone on it's great writing, acting and sexual explicit scenes.

Oct 27, 2008 12:11AM EDT

dini dini true blood is so cool,if you like dark angel morethen your just a fool.
TB for life.. oh my god TB, that acronym wont last long.
Vampire sex.. just had say it... so cool

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Oct 27, 2008 12:35AM EDT

First off, you might want to learn how to structure your sentences correctly and second off, you just named off some of the worst television shows ever aired. Burn Notice is the epitome of bad acting and cheesy scenes. I don't even have to say anything about Dark Angel. Anyone who has seen that will prob never watch it again. You have obviously shown that you lack the sight to notice a decent TV series when presented with one. True Blood is not in the same class as Burn Notice, Monk, and your other favorite TV shows. In the future lets try to keep any further ignorant comments to yourself.

Oct 27, 2008 12:48AM EDT

Just because you don't get it doesn't really matter. Apparently enough people do for it to stay on.

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Oct 27, 2008 12:57AM EDT

I like "Burn notice" and it's not canceled. It's just on hiatus for mid-season.Dark Angel was canceled because it lacked a real story line and by the time it got to the war that was brewing, they had wasted too much time and got axed because people stopped watching all their crap fillers.True blood is OK. It's too slow for my taste, but it's still fun to watch.
PS. Don't even dare criticize people's sentence structure on the internet unless it's full of words you can't understand. Otherwise it's just childish. If i decide to write a novel, i'll be sure to put some effort into it.

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Oct 27, 2008 1:20AM EDT

Now, I'm a fan of both Dark Angel and, I'm rather ashamed to admit, Birds of Prey. I'm a big television buff and so I'm a fan of an unusually large number of shows. Having said so, True Blood has got to be one of, if not THE, most well-made show I've ever seen. Despite its fantastical premise of vampires, it feels very real and true to life. It doesn't have that screen of hollywood pulled over it, which is something that's incredibly rare these days. And you're criticizing the acting when the lead actress is ANNA PAQUIN? She's freaking amazing. She has an academy award for crying out loud.
Like I said, I liked Dark Angel. I'm sad that it was cancelled so soon, but it WAS something of a guilty pleasure for me. The basic premise and the supporting cast (read: Michael Weatherly) were awesome enough to make the show decent, but the main character was all but ruined by the really terrible performance of Jessica Alba. She's pretty, she's hot, but she delivers lines like she's a fifth grader reading off a card. The show declined in it's second season too, the plot got all jumbled and made less and less sense, with continuity errors flying around and slapping you in the face like they were challenging you to a duel. It was not a shock to me that it wasn't renewed.
And Birds of Prey was TERRIBLE. I mean, I loved it to death but it was freaking TERRIBLE. I could write better scripts in my sleep than that show had. It was pretty much the polar opposite of Dark Angel. The premise was mediocre, the supporting cast made me want to cry, but the lead actress (who was, btw, Asha on Dark Angel) was awesome enough to pull the show along, at least for its thirteen episodes.
In short: You're entitled to your own opinion and all, but... no. Just no.

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Oct 27, 2008 5:23PM EDT

Valene, thank you for your comment. you have made me think again. The points you make about the innocence of the main character are indeed a reminder that perhaps I live in a world that is far too cynical- school teacher in the middle of London/England. Yes, her brother is actually quite funny and quite enduring and the show does put a new spin on the general vampire story lines: vampire rights etc. I guess I will have to look forward and be a bit more receptive to new things and enjoy my half term catching up with people as opposed to TV.Must say, Vampire Bill is definitely eye candy.bye for now

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