Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 18 - Review: "Assault On The Leaf Village"

With the show edging closer and closer to the halfway mark, and with the team having been shaken up and the school administration as well, the changes continue for those at Seishu High School. Watching the fallout in the previous episode was interesting to see as we got to learn who went, who stayed and who has issues with all that's happened. The most curious and underplayed of all the changes was that the team �manager,� Risa, actually stayed on with the team. And the school. With her father having exited under less than glamorous terms due to what happened with the chairman, you'd expect she'd be one to high-tail it out of there to get a fresh start somewhere new.

Instead, she's stayed there and on the team, though now she's causing a mild bit of confusion at first. In a way, you almost want to see something come of what she does to Senda at the start when she confesses to him and he's unaware that it's all part of her reading a script for a movie part that's open for anyone to try in. It's all the buzz at the school as the girls are talking about it and there's a general level of excitement. When it's discovered that Risa actually made the ten finalists, it only adds to her reputation even more. Much to her chagrin though, she has to actually be able to throw a baseball for the part which means she has to do a whole lot of practice. With her being such a pampered princess for so long, it's amusing at how bad she is, to the point where many don't even think she's at a kindergarten level in being able to throw.

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