Legend of the Legendary Heroes - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Review: " The Hero and the Sleepy Man"

The Legend of Legendary Heroes didn't make a huge impression last week but it started off with a fairly interesting premise overall and a fun way of bringing together what seems to be the principle cast of characters. The team of Ryner and Ferris works well together in the present day as we've seen and Sion comes across as an interesting and benevolent ruler who wants to know and understand his people but likely won't hesitate to do the hard things that need to be done. The show had a fairly standard fantasy look and feel to it so it didn't separate itself there, but it definitely has a bit of a budget feel about it in this episode again.

This episode spends a lot of its time dealing with the days back when Sion and Ryner were together in the military school trying to get by. Sion obviously had his own difficulties to deal with there being who he is, but he also has advantages since it's a co-ed school and there are plenty of women that swoon over him and certainly enough men that admire him since he does get down into things. Sion's using the situation to his advantage to draw Ryner closer to him since he could expose him otherwise and he brings in a hotheaded young woman from the school named Kiefer to be part of an expeditionary group that he's put together for a training exercise.

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