Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 21 - Review: "Emotion"

Heroman is getting back on track slowly after a couple of awkward episodes here and there. Largely, the show hasn't truly found its voice in the post-Skrugg world as it's mostly dealt with the fallout in an almost secondary way. Little things here and there, but the bulk of the time seemed to be spent dealing with a particular mad scientists bent on revenge. Revenge! Now that it's trying to move forward again, it's dealing with an interesting Skrugg remnant that's been hunting around the countryside for a bit and causing trouble, which may also be responsible for Denton's disappearance and most definitely the kidnapping of Joey's sister Holly. Amusingly, Psy plays it up that the abductor may be regretting that move already knowing Holly, but even Joey isn't up for playing that game at this time.

Though it's been touched on before, we do get a more formal flashback now showing what happened in the fairly recent past with Will and Psy. Psy's been a difficult character to nail down because his personality doesn't come across well and his time spent with the crutches for awhile now has him fairly problematic. So going back to a time when he and Will were on the football team together, and both really good players who were adversarial with each other but still managed to work well, really does feel off. Even after everything it's not easy to see Psy as a star football player as it doesn't connect well. Seeing the way there's some thread of responsibility between Will and Psy for his broken leg that ended up being far worse than first thought. The adversarial nature between the two is a lot clearer after this and it does make you want to re-examine some of the earlier material between the two.

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