Chu-Bra - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Before Meeting You... "

It's been six months since Nayu came to this school and started causing a ruckus by first going after creating an Underwear Club and then forming the Underwear Appreciation Society. The transformation of the cast over the course of twelve episodes and six months in show has been pretty solid as they're all much different in some key ways from the beginning. Nayu's got a lot of friends, most of them have become more outgoing and all are much more aware of their bodies and how they're growing as well as discovering something of their own sense of style. Trouble and hardships along the way, but this group of friends held together pretty well.

This is a difficult challenge though and the one taking it the hardest is Haruka considering her feelings for Nayu. She takes it so badly that she says things she will regret and insists that this is the end of the Society as she storms off. It's a difficult situation and most of them try to give her some space so she can calm down after that, and over the next few days it's interesting to see just how much of an impact Nayu and the others have had on the girls at the school. Haruka has to come to realize that while also recognizing that she went pretty far in what she said and it may be hard to mend fence at that point, so much so that she's not even sure how she can do that.

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