Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 32 - Review: ''A Little"

Still no baseball! I like the relationship building that Adachi Mitsuru does but I still would like to see some epic baseball playing. Well Aoba collects information on Akane and tells Kou about it. The next day, Kou and Akane happen to leave for school at the same time so they walk to the train station together. He helps her carry some stuff and when it came time to split, he forgot to give her the thing he was carrying so he ends up taking a train to her school. At the school (being an all girls school especially) he gets questioned for why he is there. It doesn't help the fact that there's a mysterious man flashing the girls too. He is questioned but then the principal knows who he is and even though he still questions him, the perp is eventually found running away from security. Kou helps them out by throwing a ball at the guy and making him faint. I like that Nakanishi comments on the newspaper when he reminds Senda about the newspaper article written about him (even though the real hero was Aoba). Then there's a nice little moment at lake where Momiji is doing her art homework and Akane comes by tells her that he's got skill and such. Then we find out that Akane was actually drawing Momiji drawing. Seiji is shocked that Akane looks exactly like Wakaba, just the age she would have been if she was still alive. Then there's cool little part at the end where Aoba saves Akane from a guy trying to trick her into thinking he's saving her from a bunch of bad guys. And because Aoba is late (this was all in the morning), Kou is really concerned and decides to search for her. At the end of the episode, Aoba tells Kou that Akane and Wakaba are very much alike, not just their looks. She just tells her that she still isn't Wakaba. Then Aoba thanks Kou for trying to look for her when she was late for practice. Then of course they end it with something funny like the train being delayed and Kou getting mad at Aoba for saying something she's not used to saying, especially to him.

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