Soranowoto Special 1 Anime Review

One of the more appealing shows of the Winter 2010 season was Soranowoto, a show that really played well with music, character and setting in the first few episodes before it start to follow a more traditional path. As that season wore on and we got to know more of the girls, it was certainly pleasing and enjoyable, but it avoided any kind of over reaching arc throughout it until it got towards the end and started to up the ante about the war. The charms of the series revolved around the characters themselves, of which the fort and the city itself was one themselves, so this episode takes us back to that and allows us to revisit the cast that we liked so much before.

Taking place a year after Kanata arrived at the fort, she's progressing along and doing well with her trumpet playing and even garnering more praise from Rio. As good as she's doing though, she feels like she doesn't have a long term goal in mind for her life, something that she gets an inkling about from others. Her relationship with her comrades, friends really, is what helps her to start figuring things out. A lot of what defines her life at this point is her relationship with Rio though and even just a few casual words from her sets Kanata on the path to simply taking it one step at a time and making sure she doesn't rush into finding a goal that may not be ideally suited for her.

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