Legend of the Legendary - Season 1 - Episode 3 - Review: "Alpha Stigma"

The Legend of Legendary Heroes is rolling right along after a couple of less than thrilling fantasy-ish episodes so far. The previous episode spent a good bit of time introducing us to Ryner and Sion in their military academy days while also introducing a love interest for Ryner in the form of Kiefer. Amusingly, Ryner can't believe that she actually likes him and views the whole thing as a joke when she reveals her feelings as the troop they're now part of are out in a military exercise. When the threat of war becomes a reality and you find yourself in it, you often find the ability to be honest about your feelings. Others may not realize it though.

What is surprising is just how violent of a turn the show takes all of a sudden. With the group out in the fields at the moment, a large number of them are quickly taken down while relaxing before pitching the tents for the night. The Magic Knights from Estabul have found them and they're brutal in how they kill the student-warriors, ripping bodies in half, slicing heads off with the greatest of ease and inspiring a whole lot of fear. Sion's able to get some of the students back into the safety of the woods, but that only helps for so long since the Magic Knights are reveling in their activities and want more bodies to play with.

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