Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 165 - Review: "Nine-Tails Capture Complete "

Finding the balance for an important fight scene is difficult when trying to make sure you have enough action and an epic feel while also making sure you don't draw it out for too long. As one of the sage toads says at the start of the episode, it's not in their interest to drag it out too long. The fight against Pain is an important one and a big moment in the series where we've seen an impressive lead-up to it with the near total destruction of the Village of the Hidden Leaf. With the intensity of it all and the arrival of Naruto, it was raised to another level but now it seems to have lost its energy, at least briefly, as Pain has seemingly captured the orange clad ninja.

Even as Naruto takes down the various puppets that Pain is using against him, we're made aware of some of the pointless nature of the fight as this isn't the real Pain that's controlling everything. He's still hidden somewhere, using these puppets, causing all this destruction. The fight Naruto is in takes some distinct turns as he gets closer to taking down the puppets, but not without sacrifice on his part as well. While this plays out, we do see others who have survived trying to figure out where the real Pain is so they can support Naruto in his efforts and help find some sense of justice to ease their own pain with so many of their own friends and associates dying in the overall battle.

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