Grey's Anatomy: Some Kind of Miracle

Some kind of miracle? I say, some kind of powerful episode! I understand there will be some critical feelings from some people because this could never happen in real life. I'm sure that's why they chose the theme: "miracle". I, however, have always been one who is able to suspend reality in exchange for a good story and I was not let down tonight.

Meredith's scenes in "limbo" have an interesting mix of characters:first there is Denny; then there is Dylan, the demolitions expert from "As We know it"; then Bonnie, the girl who had the pole in her from "Into you like a train"; then there is her mother's scrub nurse; and Doc, her recently deceased dog that she owned with Derek. What I thought was so powerful about these scenes is that these dead characters know Meredith doesn't have a lot of time. They know they need her to accept her death or fight for her life. But they can't tell her how to do it or even tell her what she should do. Dylan and Denny have different approaches of how to get her to this point. Dylan is very gruff and matter-of-fact about Meredith's situation. Denny tries to be more gentle. Dylan and Denny argue. Then we learn that Dylan believes he died so Meredith could live. Of course he's impatient with her, he doesn't want his life to have meant nothing. Denny talks about how even though he gets to "see" Izzie, it is not the same. Bonnie doesn't seem to be much help, every time she gets upset that Meredith is not doing what they want her to do she starts to bleed from where the pole was and then Meredith jumps into "Doctor Mode" and tries to save her- which she can't because she is already dead.

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