Slayers Season 5 Set (Slayers Evolution-R) Blu-ray Anime Review

I'm still in shock that I liked the Slayers Revolution season. I'm in even more shock that I really liked it and it turned out to be my favorite of all the seasons. And unfortunately, that also includes this one. Evolution-R isn't bad though and I still found it to be better than the first three seasons, but it feels a bit less defined overall as it's not quite as tight or as much fun overall compared to Revolution. Still, the cast has a good deal of fun overall here and it does a nice job of cleaning up the remaining storyline from the previous season and working through some of the bigger ties that go all the way back to the beginning of the first season.

This season plays around some basic ideas as we learned a lot about what was going on in the previous season about Rezo and what he did to Taforashia where Pokota came from. With the promise, or threat, of Rezo being revived, the show takes on the focus of having Lina and the group trying to hunt down a Hellmaster's Jar. As in Hellmaster Phibrizzio from much earlier in the series overall. The Jar was what was used to transfer Rezo's spirit between bodies and Pokota needs it back so he can make his own transference. But it's not that simple as Pokota's body as Posel is what Rezo was intending to revive himself in so he could go forward and do the good that he often does do. Pokota would like nothing better than to deny him that, but Rezo's revival in that body is what will break the seal on his kingdom and free everyone within. Albeit with a disease, but one that can now be treated.

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