Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood Part 1 UK DVD REview

Being a fan of the original FMA, I hadn't had a chance to check out this new version yet, but I had heard that things stick a lot closer to the manga than the original. The original series was a very good story about two brothers looking to reclaim their bodies back after a failed alchemy experimentation to resurrect their dead mother so I was looking forward to see how this new version would differ.

The first episode is basically a re-introduction to the characters, as pretty much every major character from the military and our beloved Elric brothers appears in a battle to trap a rogue alchemist named the Ice Alchemist. It isn't until the 2nd episode that the story begins to what we know and love. The Elric brothers, Ed - a young man who has a height complex, is a State Alchemist at a young age who has the unique ability to transmute things without the aid of what is considered a pre-requisite for all alchemists, a transmutation circle. His brother, Alphonse appears to be a giant suit of armour, but the episode basically explains everything well - both as a reminder for fans of the original, and newer fans never seeing it before as it tells the story of why Ed's brother is a suit of armour and why Ed lost his arm and leg. It's quite terrifying in some places and these scenes definitely stick out more in Brotherhood than the original as it definitely a lot darker. It leads to their childhood friend Winry and her grandmother to fix them up, and the appearance of State Alchemist Roy Mustang to convince him to become a State Alchemist to look for the way to return their bodies back to normal. And as you could say, the rest is history.

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