Soranowoto - Season 1 - Episode 12 - Review: "Fill the Blue Sky "

I went into this episode with a bit of trepidation after the news, welcome news, that episodes thirteen and fourteen were going to be DVD only releases but that we'd be getting them streamed when they come out in Japan. With that being September, the idea (one that Japanese fans regularly deal with, I know) that I'd have to wait five or six months to see the finale to the series took a lot of the motivation out of watching this one. Of course, once you load up the episode we're told that episode thirteen will stream next week without a problem and the Japanese Blu-ray listings don't indicate that volume seven will have anything more than episodes twelve and thirteen, though it may just be a lack of clarity in the description.

The situation has turned from bad to worse as events play out after the arrival of Aisha in the last episode. With the Roman army now at the border and men within the local military eager for war because it advances civilization and science, they're ready to get everything going no matter the cost. With Aisha being shot and Noel a mess after remembering everything that happened back when she was in more detailed service to the military, everything is falling apart around them and it's felt even more so by Rio not being there. Kureha, bless her heart, is doing her best to be the strongest she can there since she feels the need to support the others but it's quickly taking a toll on her in a way that's very striking when she lets loose with it.

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