Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 31 - Review: ''Grow Older"

Kou and Azuma find out that the store beside them is going to be soba shop. Apparently the words uttered by Kou was about the bag Akane was holding (yeah right). Aoba decides to go shopping with her friends and right by the train station, Akane is handing out flyers out for the new store. Aoba takes a second look but Akane is looking away so she wasn't able to confirm what she saw. It's summer festival time again as usual (apparently) Kou heads to the Tsukishima tombstone to talk to Wakaba. He talks about how he should have been at the nationals but he believes that her dream was about him when he's a senior. While at graveyard, he bumps into Akane and they decide to go to the festival together. As Aoba and Mizuki arrive at the graveyard too, they hide when they hear Kou's voice (well Aoba makes Mizuki hide) and Aoba is shocked to see what she thinks is a grown up version of her dead sister. Now at the summer festival, Akaishi is helping out his dad with one of the food stands. As Nakanishi and Kyoko, and Senda and Ookubo (!?) comes to Akaishi's stand. As they're conversing and they're about to buy drinks from him, he sees Kou with Akane, thinking that he's seeing a ghost, he drops everything. Akane finds her parents so Kou decides to part with them. He bumps into Ichiyo and Momiji, with Momiji wearing Wakaba's old yukata. Momiji mentions to Kou that just because she looks like Wakaba, don't fall for her, feeling herself as a light joke, but Kou takes it as Akane and responds really seriously. They also bump into Aoba and Mizuki, and Aoba mentions to Kou to take "her" home, meaning the ghost of Wakaba back to the graveyard. That's when Akane and her parents happen to pass by and Akane calls to Kou, telling her that she's leaving now. The episode ends with everyone is complete shock. So good.

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