Maid-Sama! Episode #15-16 Anime Review

Just as Kanou comes around to gloat over his victory, with Misaki seemingly asleep and bound to hate Usui once she awakens, Misaki, while it looks like her eyes are closed, speaks. It appears that Usui's sweet nothings whispered into her ear right as she was about to fall asleep had the effect of making her angry, so she was able to stay up the additional 5 minutes to finish out the 24 hour period. Thus, Kanou loses and Misaki forces him to pay a penalty: he has to help out the girls who are going to run a cafeteria on the Open House day that the school runs to attract new students.

So, the Open House comes. Misaki is very busy trying to do her best to make it a success, making sure that the visitors, especially any visiting junior high school girls, feel welcome and comfortable at Seika High. During the preparations, she had to keep a constant eye on Kanou, who was frequently tempted to run away from the group of girls who are running the cafeteria. This provided one of the funnier montages, as Misaki, with an aura of DOOM about her, appeared in the escape path of Kanou every time he was tempted to run.

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