Heroman - Season 1 - Episode 18 - Review: "Separation"

Heroman has had a whole lot going on since the start of the series and it's managed to avoid a lot of quiet fluff episodes for the most part. When it takes to a little down time, we actually have had some good material, such as the first date between Joey and Lina. This time around, with the addition of Joey's teacher, Ms. Collins, they're taking a well earned vacation. The nice part about it is that it's being picked up by the government as Hughes has set them up on a quite island away from everyone so they can just unwind.

The show works with the fanservice to good effect, especially as we have an adult woman in the mix now as well, and the animation quality of the designs continue to shine as they frolic in the ocean, especially with Denton showing off his amusing form for it all. The gang has a good bit of bonding on the beachfront with each other and it's definitely good to have Lina back in the mix. While they have a lot of fun during the day, it's the after dinner activities that brings out the real fun as Psy starts in on the tried and true tradition of telling ghost stories to one another. And the one most scared of them is the man of science, Denton, as every little thing freaks him out. But as the weather changes and things become just a bit creepier, everyone starts to get the shivers more honestly.

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