Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 29 - Review: 'Who?"

After Kou strikes out the last batter, the games to extra innings, tied at 1-1. At the top of the tenth, Kou loses the control of his bat before bunting, but no one is able to take him home. At the bottom of the tenth, after fouling off Kou's pitch, a Ryuo batter loses control of the bat because he is numb from the previous pitch. Aoba comments about how Kou hasn't changed his position since the end of the ninth innings (I think?) to Junpei. Aoba and Mishima may have been only people watching the game that noticed something was odd with his pitching. With a runner on second, Oikawa hits a easy shot towards Kou but he misses it because he is still numb from catching Mishima's hit. The runner scores, resulting in Ryuo's win. No one is mad at Kou, including Aoba, probably because they played a fantastic game against one of the strongest teams, only being able to get two runs from Kou. Kou apologizes to Azuma for not being able to take the team of Koshien but Azuma tells him to focus on Aoba's disappointment of not being able to play in official games. While talking about wondering what is being built next door to Kou's house, a mysterious girl tells them that a soba restaurant is being build, the girl looking exactly like Wakaba.

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