High School of the Dead - Season 1 - Episode 7 - Review: "DEAD night and the DEAD ruck"

When it comes to violence, it's not often that sex is far behind depending on the show. The previous episode of High School of the Dead featured a lot of sexuality and sensuality to it as the characters were holed up in a friends place where they felt relatively safe. Even more so than usual since the commotion at the bridge off in the distance was drawing a lot of the infected there. It got so safe that the girls were riding a warm high after a really good bath that you had Rei seducing Takashi in a way that really pushed his (and the viewers) buttons. But having the calamity at the bridge go so badly that the noise elsewhere started to draw the infected turned what could have been a night of ecstasy into one of danger.

The cold nature of survival is certainly kicking in for this group though as Saeko makes it plain that they can't save everyone. She does this while wearing just an apron and a thong which makes it hard to think for the guys, but with lights and noise drawing the infected, they'll be much safer if they simply draw down the lights and burrow in after everything that's happened. Considering their course to date, most of them should be dead or infected a few times over so that makes the most sense. But Takashi is the kind of guy who can't let that happen. While we've seen him do in those who have wronged others, such as the gas station incident, watching the carnage unfold outside has pushed him to his limits. More and more people are dying from the living, though the infected are certainly taking up a greater share.

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