Grey's Anatomy: Don't Stand So Close To Me

George's angry outbursts continue to alienated everyone around him. He's cold and rude to Callie (Sara Ramirez), he's ignoring Cristina because she covered for Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington) and he's snapping at the surgeon that's about to perform his dad's surgery. Dr. Bailey has had enough. She balls him out and then forbids him from participating in his father's care. George defies her order. When he enters his dad's room he's angry to see Callie there visiting. He snaps at her and now even his dad has had enough. " You're so angry. You've been picking fights with everyone and it's not like you. The person you're really angry with is me. I smoked and drank and ate to much and now I'm sick and you have to take care of everything. You're mad at me and that's okay. I'm mad at me too. Do you think I want to die and leave you to deal with everything? " His father's words clearly strike a cord. You can almost see the anger escaping through his pores. After all, George isn't a fighter, he's a puppy dog! All the anger, the yelling , the snapping - it was just a way to express his feelings of frustration, concern and vulnerability. But then his brothers come in and start teasing him and he snaps. He screams at his brothers, sending his father into cardiac arrest. Opps! His dad's rushed into surgery. So much for letting the anger go!

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