Inu Yasha - Season Set 6

This being Inu Yasha, it shouldn't come as any surprise that there's a decent amount of filler scattered around the four discs that make up this set, so let's get those out of the way first. There's a decent range of storylines covered by them, from Kagome accidentally carrying some demons from the feudal age to her school culture festival, through Shippo having to deal with the weight of expectations after his reputation as a brave fighter somehow manages to get out of hand, and some fun with invisibility that proves both useful and troublesome for Shippo and Sango. Filler episodes are always something of a mixed bag on the one hand, you can often get some really good comedy out of them, but all too often you can also find yourself wishing the series would just get on with it and get back to the main storyline. Across these ones, there's a fairly good balance struck, with no long runs of filler and short scenes with Naraku or his sidekicks often inserted into episodes just to remind us that no, he hasn't disappeared, and is actually up to something behind the scene. I've watched some truly dreadful filler over the years I've been watching Inu Yasha, and I can honestly say that this season compares quite well to some that have gone before, so while I can never get overly enthusiastic about plot-light episodes, there's not too much here to complain about.

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