Cross Game - Season 1 - Episode 28 - Review: ''We�ll Finish It"

So here we are, Kou on a role and Mishima decides to stand at first base side. Azuma asks him if he is bored, and Mishima responds by saying not as much as before the game. Neither team can get a run in and Nakanishi decides he's going to show off and get a double. Oh didn't work, sorry, that's what happens when you cheat the special training you've been getting (running to lose weight). Anyways sometime during the game Shimano tries to catch a hit, and instead breaks his finger (or something). So Mishima is put on first base. Azuma asks if he usually plays third. Mishima responds with he's only a back up player so he's just there to fill a position. Because of Mishima, Ryuou are able to get a run from Kou. Both sides aren't able to get another run after that and then, at the ninth inning, the pitcher is switched to their backup who is better than the opener but like Mishima, they both are put on the bench to highlight the seniors so they can go on to play professional (at least that's what I get from it). Kou, for the first time, finds out what exactly everyone is getting when Kou pitches. The pitcher is able to throw 150km/h. Both teams try to finish the game on the ninth inning but just as Mishima thinks he's able to get the winning hit, Kou catches it, now going on the tenth inning.

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