Sora No Otoshimono Forte Episode #02 Anime Review

The opening episode of Sora No Otoshimono Forte was a surprising bit of fun and easy to get into without seeing the first season. Sometimes it is good to watch something so completely devoid of mental calories, especially when you watch a regular stream of shows with stories and plots that carry on for a bit. Sora basically gives you a lot of fanservice, dramatic situations and fun all mixed together. There are serious elements to it that come into play, such as the arrival of a new character at the end of the first episode when the angelic like character arrived, who has been named now as Astrea.

Said new threat isn't quite of a threat though because as the others point out, due to her makeup as an Angeloid, she's great at combat but is essentially an idiot because of her low processor ability, something the others have to varying degrees. When she makes an attack against Tomoki, one of many, she pretty much collapses outright. She's beautiful and has great combat skills but lacks the mental capability to really back it up in any meaningful way in a situation like this where she's trying to get ingratiated into Tomoki's life so as to strike against him. What she does provide is a rather large breasted character in compromising positions for us to look at and another hassle for Tomoki to deal with. Astrea doesn't provide a whole lot in her personality but she ends up in quite the competition with Tomoki as he's going through a bit of his own mental training.

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