Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 3 - Review: "What We Can Do Together"

Bringing the gang all back together in the last episode, everything has picked up where we left off for the most part. The events of the first series are touched upon lightly where Yoshika had her encounter with the humanoid Neuroi form and then contact was attempted through other means after the chaos that initially ensued, but everything went completely off the reservation at that point. The new Neuroi that we now see arrived and destroyed the humanoid Neuroi, ending any chance of communication in the short term at least. That has put all the cards back on the table to deal with the Neuroi threat and having the girls of the 501st back and now defending Romagna feels just about right.

Except for the fact that most of them have been having things pretty easy for the last six months or so. The Witches have no stamina at this point and have lost a lot of their basic training as they've gone soft. Their flight abilities are acceptable, but they don't have the teamwork thing they built up before and there's even a sad image or two of them crashing into each other which makes you cringe. So a few of the girls, Yoshika included of course, are sent to get some special training from Anna Ferrara, an elderly woman who is a Witch herself and can still fly, though she uses brooms to do so. She's got a fun training style as she refuses to let them use their Striker units and instead insists they use brooms too, thereby reinforcing their skills within rather than through the use of technology.

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